Why Use Fuller Picture?

The quality of the images your business uses can effect how your company is pictured and good quality images can help improve how you and your products are perceived.

If you have an online presence then high quality product photography is a vital part of any site; despite its many benefits websites take away the opportunity to physically engage with a product so the photography forms one of the key methods of communicating with your customers.

A good product photograph will enhance the appearance of your product, I aim to produce beautifully clean and crisp images and highlight the features and characteristics that you want to portray and to show your product at its best.

On completion of a commission you are provided with the final images fully edited and ready to use.

I provide you with the high resolution files so they can be used not only for your immediate requirements but also for future projects as well.

Many studios will quote a figure for website photography and then charge additional fees if you want to utilise the image in print or vice versa.
I am of the belief that hidden charges are neither helpful or constructive so on completion of the commission you are granted a worldwide licence to use the images that permits the publication, printing and display or electronic broadcast of the photographs leaving you free to utilise the images to their best advantage.

As a client of Fuller Picture you will be able to speak directly to me 'Joe Fuller', the photographer. This at first may sound like a small detail however it can make a huge difference as it avoids being passed from pillar to post and you will be able to communicate directly with the person that is photographing your products and editing your images.

Many clients have said what a difference it makes not to have their items simply put on production line and how beneficial it can be for them to be able to 'communicate with the man behind the lens' if there are any features they want to highlight on their product or to explain how they want the image to fit in or contrast with others they may already have.

Choosing Fuller Picture photography gives you that ability and the opportunity to get your product, packaging and pack shot photography as you want it.
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